Our Massage Services

Top quality erotic services

At Enjoy Massage Liverpool Street, it is essential for us to offer our customers the best possible massage experience in London and that begins with providing them with a wide range of massage styles to choose from. Each of our massage styles are authentic and designed to bring you maximum pleasure and relaxation, performed by highly talented and beautiful massage therapists.

Some of our most popular massage styles at Enjoy Massage London are;

Happy ending massage – A happy ending massage style is a simple yet effective style of erotic massage therapy that brings the customer complete relaxation, with a sexual twist. Once the masseuse has performed a full body to body massage on you, she will then use her hands to perform hand relief, sending intense rushes of pleasure across your body until you reach climax.

Lingam massage – Lingam massage pulls its inspiration from the art of Tantra, which is a style of massage therapy that focuses son the spiritual side of things and providing the customer with a real awakening. IT is primarily focused around the penis, and the word lingam actually translates loosely to “wand of light,” which indicates the level of honour and respect the male intimate area is treated with throughout one of these sessions. During a lingam massage the masseuse does not make it her ultimate goal to make the customer climax; however the intense intimacy of the massage means this happens anyway. Instead, the masseuse uses the energy passed between both participants to create one long journey of spiritual awakening and pleasure.

Prostate massage – Traditionally used for medical and health reasons, here at Enjoy Massage Liverpool St, we use prostate massage therapy purely for pleasure. The prostate gland is where the male “G-Spot” can be found, and it is where we put all of our focus into to help you experience an orgasm like never before. The prostate gland can be massaged by either kneading your knuckles gently along the perineum to build a sensation or by inserting as many fingers that is comfortable for you inside the anus and rubbing gently.

Full service massage – Our full service massage is highly popular amongst clients and it really offers everything you need to have an enjoyable and orgasmic filled erotic massage session. The masseuse begins by providing you with a full, naked body to body massage until you become fully relaxed and fully aroused. Once your mind and body is ready, she will incorporate hand relief, oral and intercourse into the session, providing you with multiple orgasms.

Four hands massage – This unique and exciting massage style offers men a chance to make all of their sexual fantasies and desire a reality as it offers you a massage session with not one, but two beautiful and highly trained massage therapists. The masseuses can work on different areas of the body or work on the same area in a synchronised motion; it is purely up to the customer. Double the hands, double the fun!